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Expect the Unexpected: MCEC Sprouts into Maryland's Recreational Cannabis Market

As Maryland embraces the dawn of adult-use cannabis, a new player has emerged to shake up the very fabric of the industry and culture. While many enthusiasts and pioneers rejoiced in celebration of the state's historic debut of recreational use, countless individuals lined up to purchase products from dispensaries, attend seed giveaways, and indulge in new experiences and beyond.

The stage was set at Urban Reads Bookstore, where a group of visionary cannabis entrepreneurs, known as The Maryland Cannabis Equity Collective (MCEC) made their official introduction by revolutionizing cannabis and the Black community's participation within the industry. They lead by championing education, advocating for progress, unlocking new business opportunities, and fostering unity within a cohesive vision.

With the state's recent legalization, the MCEC recognized July 1st as a significant moment to establish itself as a prominent voice within the industry as a community educator. By uniting individuals and bringing forth stories from returning citizens, patients, business professionals, farmers, scientists, tech gurus, military veterans, and a growing list of backgrounds, the group aims to encourage collaboration, higher education, and capitalizing on wealth-building opportunities in the ever-evolving cannabis sector.

"This is our reparations. We want Black individuals involved in this industry, from every background, especially those formerly incarcerated," said Tia Hamilton, Founder of the MCEC and owner of the Urban Reads Bookstore. MCEC recognizes the immense potential of not only cannabis but the hemp industry too, in generating economic growth, addressing environmental concerns, and providing aid to the social and racial disparities that have resulted from the War on Drugs. 

To mark their official introduction, The Maryland Cannabis Equity Collective has planned a series of engaging events and initiatives, from educational seminars, panel discussions, community outreach programs, and intimate social gatherings that engage with both industry professionals and the general public to create dialogue, new connections, and progress.

"It's no secret, that collaboration and education are the keys to unlocking the boundless potential of the cannabis industry and unleashing the fullest potential within ourselves as individuals," added MCEC co-founding member D`Roc of Extreme Terpz. MCEC invites individuals and businesses alike to join their mission in breaking down the fear, stigma, and barriers of entry surrounding this industry. 

You can join forces with the MCEC as a member, where they provide access to a wealth of resources, including networking opportunities with the founding MCEC members, and involvement in shaping the future of the cannabis industry and our community.

Together we will create a world powered by community and cannabis.

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